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At least three people were injured last season at the United Center, including a Yorkville man who may never be the same. Chip Green suffered a severe head injury.He was struck by a puck during a Blackhawks playoff game against Minnesota in May. The 43-year-old husband and father of four can no longer do math, has trouble formulating words and suffered hearing loss. For his wife, Michele, the hardest part has been watching him struggle. The couple wants the NHL to make safety changes. To keep fans safe, the Greens say safety nets should be expanded to cover the corners of the rinks, too. Chip Green was sitting just above the safety glass where the netting ends when he was struck by a corner shot from Blackhawks star Duncan Keith. Its not the first time a fan has been injured. Patricia Higgins of Burr Ridge was hit last year while sitting in a corner. A third person, Jen Kasler, was also struck while in a corner last season. Chip Green can no longer work. Colin Dunn of Clifford Law Offices is Greens attorney. He says the NHL installed nets after a girl died at a game in a Ohio a decade ago.But those nets do not protect fans from high-speed corner shots. source:

Mattias Ekholm Season Preview: Steady as he Goes – Yahoo Sports

Even though he spent some time rotating in and out of the press box with Victor Bartley , Ekholm suited up for 61 games in 2013-2014, compiling a goal and nine points. The organization rewarded him with atwo-year, one-way contract this summer. The young Swede is going to find himself in the NHL for good this time, and he earned it. Ekholm faced slightly tougher competition than Victor Bartley, and took less sheltered minutes than Ryan Ellis . Hedid pretty well on the ice given both of those caveats. Given that his CF% waspretty much break even, Ekholm should be a lock for the third pair, getting the nod over Bartley, especially whenever Ellis comes back. In training camp, he’s been skating with Seth Jones here and there, perhaps to try and see if the two are a fit and give Ekholm a shot at the second pair. It shouldn’t be the first place he plays, but given that he showed in his first full year he can be a steady presence on the back end, there’s no reason to think he can’t fill in if Anton Volchenkov gets hurt. Best Case Scenario Evolves from “steady” to “rock solid” throughout the course of the year, getting some time on the second pairing and chipping in with a couple of goals. Worst Case Scenario Suffers some kind of injury, or goes back to being the seventh defenseman. Bold Prediction Loses his cool and gets into his first NHL fight, winning the bout according to Hockey Fights. Spirit Animal Black bear. source:

The Chicago Blackhawks’ Blueprint to Solving Salary Cap Dilemma | Bleacher Report

Join the conversation on our Facebook page! Like us and tell us what stories matter to you. WASHINGTON (AP) With Alex Ovechkin wearing flip-flops and a borrowed pair of baseball pants on a warm start-of-autumn day, the Washington Capitals have unveiled the uniforms they’ll wear when they host the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL’s Winter Classic on Jan. 1 at Nationals Park. At a news conference Tuesday at the baseball stadium, Capitals owner Ted Leonsis says he lobbied NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman from the moment the puck dropped for the first Winter Classic, in 2008. Leonsis says that “for hockey in Washington, D.C., it’s a big moment” to finally host the New Year’s Day game. Hockey nets and the outline of a rink were set up across the back of the dirt diamond and the shallow outfield grass where the NL East Nationals play their home games. Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. source:

Capitals unveil Winter Classic uniforms – DC News FOX 5 DC WTTG

Such a trade would also remove an impediment next summer, when Leddy becomes a restricted free agent. Its a far better idea than trading Johnny Oduya, who is much less replaceable in his key role on the Blackhawks shutdown pairing. But even with Leddy gone, the Blackhawks are going to be close to the ceiling. That gives them limited ability later in the year to take on salary to address any weaknesses that have developed or simply to load up with rentals for the playoffs. It means that theyll need to watch every penny, perhaps going with a 22-man roster rather than a full 23-man list at points in the year. It might mean promoting Michael Leighton to the backup role at times and sending waiver-exempt Antti Raanta to the minors (there is a $200,000 difference in the cap hits of the two, and while Raanta is on a one-way deal its cheap enough to bury if needed). The solution is to jettison luxuries. Oduya doesnt qualify; he plays a critical role for the team. Better candidates can be found up front. USA TODAY Sports Kris Versteeg is often mentioned, largely because he fell sharply out of favour in the 2014 postseason. Chicago got him from Florida with the idea that hed be a cheap scorer; the Panthers retained half of his salary to make him go away. source:


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