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Here’s more on the decisions behind the designs from the Capitals’ Dump ‘n Chase blog: Instead of paying homage to their own 40-year history in the design of the sweaters theyll sport on New Years Day, the Capitals and Reebok elected to dial the way-back machine a bit further, back to the 1940s and the days of the Uline Arena and the old Washington Lions of the Eastern Hockey League and the American Hockey League. The decision makers and designers spent some time poring over old photos of players and sweaters from Washingtons pre-NHL hockey history, and the result is the maroon, white and blue sweater emblazoned with stars and stripes and a “CAPITALS” wordmark over a large blue “W” revealed here today. Now that the Capitals are going with red, that eliminates one color for the Blackhawks uniforms. Chicago has worn black jerseys in each of their last two outdoor games including the 2009 Winter Classic and last year’s Stadium Series game. Could we possibly see a white uniform from one of the league’s Original Six? The 2015 Winter Classic logo was unveiled and it’s actually pretty cool in its own right as well. The logo prominently features the U.S. Capitol with a subtle American flag back drop. Better look at the 2015 #WinterClassic logo from the @WashCaps live stream right now: Icethetics (@icethetics) September 23, 2014 The league also announced that the EPIX Network will be taking the reins on a 24/7 style documentary series that will follow the two teams as they prepare for the Winter Classic. They will also produce a similar series for the 2015 Stadium Series game between the Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. The program, which will air in two parts, will be produced by Ross Greenburg, who was in on the initial 24/7 production. source:

Observer-Reporter | Bettman says NHL has no immediate plans to expand

Which they probably will, because this isnt the only lawsuit theyre facing from a fan struck by a puck in the lower bowl. Patricia Higgins file suit in July after being struck in the face by a puck in 2013, at Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final. She was seated in row 11 of section 115, and claimed the safety netting wasnt functional to protect her from the puck. Shes seeking $50,000 after suffering a bruised retina, a concussion and requiring reconstructive surgery. [ Yahoo Sports Fantasy Hockey: It’s time to join a league today! ] The NHL mandated that every arena have safety netting after the death of 13-year-old Brittanie Cecil in 2002 . She was seated in Section 121, Row S at Nationwide Arena when a puck struck her head. The nets are roughly 120 feet wide and 30 feet high. The NHL was actually behind the curve in adding them, as rinks in Europe and rinks in lower levels of North American hockey had them for years. Will injuries like the ones in Chicago, and the lawsuits that follow, mandate further extension of the netting? One assumes so, because lawsuits are usually catalysts for that sort of thing. source:–get-ready-for-more-safety-netting-143307598.html

Blackhawks arena sued again for fan injury; get ready for more safety netting | Puck Daddy – Yahoo Sports

What most people say to me is, well, theres 16 teams in the East, 14 in the West. Whats wrong with you? Cant you count? Bettman said at a Canadian Club luncheon. And I say, Yes, I can count, but I also can tell time and we finally have all 16 teams in the Eastern Time Zone in the right place. But you dont expand just to fulfill somebodys notion of symmetry. Its a very important business decision to make, and you do it for the right reasons at the right time. The league listens to expressions of interest from markets, but Bettman reiterates there no plans in the works to take on more clubs. A recent Twitter report by Howard Bloom of Sports Business News said the NHL would expand by four teams Quebec City, Seattle, Las Vegas and Toronto by 2017. I know people think I have this list tucked away in a vault with cities lined up, Bettman said. We dont. This is an important business decision if youre going to expand, he added. In addition to being one involving a lot of money, its a fundamentally important decision if youre going to do that. The issue of expansion has particular resonance in Ontario. A second team in Toronto, even in the Eastern Time Zone, could theoretically play in the Western Conference for the sake of balance. The Leafs played in the West until the 1998-99 season. Speaking in a hypothetical sense of such an addition, Bettman said: If we decided that we were putting a second team in Ontario, and the year the team was supposed to start, the Leafs won the Cup, that second team wouldnt exist. Expansion teams face challenges even when they have the market to themselves. source:


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