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I’m not the biggest guy but I can try to play smart, use my stick more and be on the right side. I’m very tall and I have a very tall stick too so I have to use it. It’s going to be the first time in Detroit so I looking forward to that.” We got to speak with Colin Campbell as well and if you don’t know what he looks like, but want to make sure you can identify him, just picture a 6’1″ 203 pound mix between Jeff Hoggan and Luke Glendening . “One of the things Babs said at the beginning of the game was whose first exhibition game is this, a couple of us raised our hands, and he said just enjoy the experience. That’s what we tried doing, just focusing on the little things and playing our gameI think you just want to separate yourself from other players and I play a bit of a different game than a lot of the other players here. A lot of the other players are skilled offensive guys and like I said I try to focus on the little things, defensive game, finish checks, grind defensemen down low and I think I separate myself a little bit that way. I like to use my body, I’m not the biggest guy but I’m a real aggressive physical player and that’s the part I enjoy most in the game. It’s been pretty intense right fro the get go right at prospect tournament. The NHL you can tell, those guys are pros and they’re in here every day working hard, even before practice and it’s been an intense week. As far at the staff and on ice goes it’s pretty similar [in Detroit versus Grand rapids], we run the same systems and everything like that so it actually helps a lot. The systems aren’t too overwhelming or anything like that but it’s definitely a step up and guys are more intense and better hockey players. source:

5 Players the Chicago Blackhawks Would Make Available in an NHL Expansion Draft | Bleacher Report

What most people say to me is, well, theres 16 teams in the East, 14 in the West. Whats wrong with you? Cant you count? Bettman said at a Canadian Club luncheon. And I say, Yes, I can count, but I also can tell time and we finally have all 16 teams in the Eastern Time Zone in the right place. But you dont expand just to fulfill somebodys notion of symmetry. Its a very important business decision to make, and you do it for the right reasons at the right time. The league listens to expressions of interest from markets, but Bettman reiterates there no plans in the works to take on more clubs. A recent Twitter report by Howard Bloom of Sports Business News said the NHL would expand by four teams Quebec City, Seattle, Las Vegas and Toronto by 2017. I know people think I have this list tucked away in a vault with cities lined up, Bettman said. We dont. This is an important business decision if youre going to expand, he added. In addition to being one involving a lot of money, its a fundamentally important decision if youre going to do that. The issue of expansion has particular resonance in Ontario. A second team in Toronto, even in the Eastern Time Zone, could theoretically play in the Western Conference for the sake of balance. The Leafs played in the West until the 1998-99 season. Speaking in a hypothetical sense of such an addition, Bettman said: If we decided that we were putting a second team in Ontario, and the year the team was supposed to start, the Leafs won the Cup, that second team wouldnt exist. Expansion teams face challenges even when they have the market to themselves. source:

Observer-Reporter | Bettman says NHL has no immediate plans to expand

Maybe thats really not a big deal, but Id rather watch a team become good rather than start at the top and have nowhere to go but down. More sharks! After attending four Ducks games last season, I do enjoy the team. As an LA KISS season ticket holder, I am very familiar with the confines of the Honda Center and it would make a little bit of sense to pair up two teams in the same location for my fandom. Again though, the Ducks have been really good the last few seasons. I think I want more of an underdog team. Not an underdog team by any stretch of the imagination is the Pittsburgh Penguins. Ive unofficially been a Penguins fans for 20-years so logically if Im getting serious about hockey fandom this is the team I should root for, right? I mean the Penguins are the only NHL team of which I own a jersey. So why not root for them? I dont have a good reason. Before we jump the gun and just go with the Penguins, lets keep looking at other teams. The Blues While I currently live in Los Angeles, I am originally from Illinois. source:

Which Hockey Team to Cheer? – Blogs – Star Courier – Kewanee, IL

However, even when he was healthy, Versteeg did not have the kind of consistent production Quenneville wanted. “I thought he was fine the first three games,” Quenneville told’s Scott Powers . “[In Game 4], I didn’t think he had the pace. We’re looking for pace.” Versteeg has been a fine skater with excellent instincts and has scored 20 goals or more in a season four times in his career. Nevertheless, he would not be on the Blackhawks’ protected list. Email 2013-14 stats: 82games, 34 goals, 44 assists, plus-13 Why he’s available:Patrick Sharp is one of the Blackhawks’ most important players, and while it would not be pleasant for general manager Stan Bowman and Quenneville to sign off on this one, they would almost certainly have to do it. Sharp, 32, has quite a bit of wear and tear on his body. While he is a first-rate scorer and sniper, he becomes a victim of the numbers game. The Blackhawks have talented young players within the organization like Teuvo Teravainen whom they will have to protect. While there have been many examples of players in their mid- and upper-30s who have been brilliant scorers and leaders in the NHL, most players see a dip in production as they reach that age group. Still, Sharp had a plus-17.62 Corsi percentage last season, according to Behind the Net . source:


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