Cross Checks: New Jersey Devils

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“You have to be at these events to understand how the game becomes a gathering point for a community, the way a community lights up around hockey.” “That local impact is incredibly powerful,” Collins said. Would the fans in California likely have a chance to take in a Winter Classic if the league stayed within some self-imposed limit of having one or two outdoor games a season? Not likely. Is it important to return to big markets like Chicago, where the game continues to grow in importance? Absolutely. But next season allows the NHL to broaden its appeal while still promoting its biggest markets, and its biggest stars, on the outdoor stage. Are there risks with taking the NHL into the elements six times next season? Of course. The league will purchase a new portable ice-making unit that will be used for the Dodger Stadium game, then transported up the coast to Vancouver for the Heritage Classic. But even as technology has evolved and given the league more opportunity to create pristine ice surfaces outdoors in different locales, there will always be concerns about the integrity of the game when you expose it to the natural elements. Any time the league puts on one of these events, it courts disaster as it relates to how Mother Nature will react. It rained in Pittsburgh in 2011 and the Winter Classic had to be postponed a day. source:

Part 2 – Former Utica / New Jersey Devil Jim Dowd : Life After Hockey As Entrepreneur

 The process, according to Dowd, is rather simple.  Ignite is provided electricity and gas by their parent company, to customers switching  over from their utility supplier to  – Stream Energy.  ” I retired  after the 2007 – ’08 season.  I’m 40 years-old , I’m living in Brick and Point Pleasant ( New Jersy shore ) “, Dowd tells.  ” From September to June , with little to do, for an ex-athlete, this is a recipe for disaster “.      One of Dowd’s attorney’s suggested he look into the energy business , as a means for a possible business venture.  Once being introduced to the Ignite product, now involved with it for a little over one year, Dowd says he’s ‘ hooked ‘ on the residual income that comes along with operating, what in essence is his own Ignite franchise.  ” I played hockey for 18 years.  I knew nothing about networking  “, Dowd said.  ” Now I have people working with me who aren’t bored selling the idea that you could save on your electric and natural gas bills”.      Jim Dowd, sounding fiscally conservative, doesn’t make a business move without consulting with ‘ his 5 lawyers ‘ . source:

Yankee Stadium to host Rangers, Devils, Isles in 2014

“Yankee Stadium is a landmark venue in New York City, and to see hockey played in such a celebrated setting will be extremely memorable to the players and everyone involved.” While a number of NHL teams have used the ice rink in Central Park for practice, the games will mark the first time professional hockey has been played outdoors in New York City. Ticket information, news and offers Further details on this special NHL event, including information on ticketing for season-ticket holders for each team and national broadcast information will be released shortly. Fans interested in more information on ticketing, further news and special offers around the event should register right now to receive more information at . Official fan packages for all NHL signature events will be available from Global Event Forum, the Official NHL Events Fan Package Partner. For more information please visit . “We have long thought that Yankee Stadium would be a great venue for outdoor hockey,” said Lonn Trost, New York Yankees Chief Operating Officer. “In addition to being a first-class baseball facility, Yankee Stadium was designed to house unique and memorable events, such as the NHL Stadium Series. Hosting two of the NHL’s classic rivalries at Yankee Stadium will be a great kickoff for the worldwide sporting events in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area scheduled in early 2014.” This will be the second time the New York Rangers have played an outdoor game. They beat the Philadelphia Flyers 3-2 in the 2012 NHL Winter Classic, played at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. “The New York Islanders are honored to take part in the National Hockey League’s outdoor Stadium Series,” added Islanders general manager Garth Snow . “Our fan base is one of the most passionate in the NHL. source:

What’s The New Jersey Devils Biggest Need?

May 12, 2013, 10:34 AM ET [62 Comments] Todd Cordell New Jersey Devils Blogger • RSS • Archive • CONTACT Be sure to follow Todd on Twitter @ToddCordell ! The NHL playoffs have just over a month remaining which means there is just over a month until New Jersey Devils GM, Lou Lamoriello, can begin to alter his team. Lamoriello is in unfamiliar territory as the Devils have missed the playoffs in two out of three seasons for the first time since the 1990’s. Most people who follow the Devils realize that the Devils played like a playoff team, but in the end they failed to get the job done which means change is needed. The Devils have a few pretty glaring needs as well as things that need to be fixed. Their power play this year wasn’t very good to say the least. They could use a No. 1 power play quarterback to play along with Ilya Kovalchuk and take some pressure off of him. They could also use an established goal scoring winger or two to help replace some of the production Zach Parise brought that was never replaced. The Devils tried a barrage of players in top-6 wing positions to help produce offense but none of them could do so consistently. Quality over quantity, my friends. There are other needs, too. source:


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