Connauton Progressing Well With Stars

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I like to be someone that my teammates and my coaches can trust. But if you were to label me, it would be more on the offensive side for sure.” And one of his best assets is his ability to move the puck out of the defensive zone and do it quickly. “That’s the way the game is now, it’s very much north-south, let’s get going, direct, whatever terminology you want to use that day and, yeah, he’s very quick,” said Lidster. “You’ve got to get pucks up quick,” said Connauton. “The longer you have it, the more time you are letting the other team set up and letting them close in on you, and you never want to find yourself stranded with it. Getting the pucks up and letting the play stay in front of you is important.” Connauton primarily has been paired on the Texas blue line with Cameron Gaunce, whom Dallas acquired from the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for right wing Tomas Vincour just prior to the NHL trade deadline. It’s a good match with Connauton, the offensive-minded player, and Gaunce leaning more towards the defensive end. “It’s worked well,” said Gaunce. “We both came into a new situation together, so we had that working for us. He’s an offensive-minded player, great skater and has a great shot from the point. source:

Dallas Stars Daily Links: Sharks Threatening To Sweep Canucks

The goalie controversy has plagued Vancouver all season, and it seems as though last night it really did some damage. It will be interesting to see who they put back in net for Game 4, and if it will even make a difference, as the Sharks hope to finish them off on home ice. Coming up in today’s links: Some updates on the World Championship, notes from around the playoffs, and proof that if you want to score a goal in the NHL, it’s going to cost you. Mark Stepneski gives us a World Championship update, as Antoine Roussel earns an assist in France’s win. [ Stars Inside Edge ] Philip Larsen has finally arrived for the tournament, and will play in Denmark’s next game. [ IIHF ] Boston looked a little outmatched against the leafs in Game 2, and need Jagr to return to his scoring ways in order to rebound in Game 3. [ NHL ] If you missed the Senators and Habs game last night, you missed some all out brawls. Personally, I don’t care for “line fights” all that much, especially when the game is already 5-1. Every time something like that happens, casual fans come up to me and give the old line of “I watched a fight and a hockey game broke out!” Then I have to try to explain to them the skill and toughness involved. Thankfully I can just show them the goal below instead. source:

Heika: Prospect Scott Glennie will play in NHL, I just don’t think it will be as a Dallas Star

Thank you! Well, I do think he will eventually play in the NHL. When? I’m not sure. With whom? Also not sure. The injury thing has been key, but he also has been a streaky player when he’s been healthy. He has too much talent to not get some chance at some time. We’ve seen with Fabian Brunnstrom and Jon Sim and Junior Lessard, players typically get some chance to play in the NHL. The question is what will he do when it comes. Antoine Roussel came out of nowhere and grabbed a spot on this team. source:

Dallas Stars Penalty Report Card – Wrapping Up 2013 In Team Trends

Boarding is rather high as well (one every four games), with Eric Nystrom being the big individual contributor here. But boarding is a tough one because it’s a “penalty of result,” where a fairly innocuous hit can be very illegal because of a weird way the player spun after contact. In all, it’s worth an eyebrow raise because it speaks to team reputation as well as the infamous luckdragons. On the obstruction side, hooking is always one of the high-volume calls since an extended stick is like a flashing light for the referee, and several of the Stars struggled throughout the season with the new emphasis on interference. Tripping picked up over the season’s final quarter, and some of that was due to the Stars trying to activate their defense to pressure further in the offensive zone, which often left players chasing on the backcheck. Again, though, too many men, unsportsmanlike and closing the hand really jump out to me. There’s no excuse for seven too many men penalties (or one every seven games or so), and two late-season closing the hand penalties shouldn’t have happened either. Here’s the comparable chart for what the team drew: Call 0 2 The Stars did not draw unmatched minors for illegal check to the head, checking from behind, too many men, closing the hand on the puck, instigating or diving. This does not include a pair of majors drawn as well. The difference in boarding really stands out here, as the Stars took 12 calls and only earned three. Even high sticking calls almost evened out by the end of the season. While it’s not the biggest numerical differential, it is the one that speaks to me the most in terms of team reputation. source:


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