3 keys to San Jose Sharks taking 2-0 series lead over Vancouver Canucks

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Friday’s Western Conference quarterfinals rematch is a rivalry renewed with the Vancouver Canucks , and could result in coming home up 2-0 in the first round. For Vancouver, this is a fight to stay alive. Few enough NHL teams come back after losing the first two at home for them to expect to do it against an opponent tied for the best point percentage at home when three of the next five will be in San Jose. Making things worse, the rivalry with the Sharks has just turned sour for the Canucks. After a stretch of 10 out of 13 games won that included a Western Conference finals win, they were able to get just one point in three games against the Sharks in 2013. Rest is more important after a condensed 2013 NHL schedule that saw the fewest days (97) for any 48 games in franchise history. Winning Friday makes it likely they would not have to play all seven. It also makes playing just four a realistic possibility. Right or not, there are questions about the resiliency of the Canucks. They are in one of the three most high-pressure markets. If they do not get this win, it may be too much for them to bounce back from. But if the Sharks want it like they need it, matching intensity, they can take command of the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs by winning three key battles throughout the game. source: http://www.examiner.com/list/3-keys-to-san-jose-sharks-taking-2-0-series-lead-over-vancouver-canucks


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