Sabres goalie Ryan Miller uncertain if he fits into Buffalo’s long-term plans

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“I don’t know what the plan is.” Defenseman Christian Ehrhoff isn’t sure what to expect this offseason. “When you trade your captain, there shouldn’t be any surprises,” Ehrhoff said. “Personally, I definitely hope to have (Miller and Vanek) on the team next year, because they’ve been really good players for us.” Another question is who will take over as coach. One candidate is interim coach Ron Rolston, who went 15-11-5 after Ruff was fired. In finishing 21-21-6, Buffalo missed the playoffs for the second straight season and fourth time in six years. And the Sabres have not won a playoff series since 2007 when they made their second consecutive trip to the Eastern Conference finals. That’s doesn’t come anywhere close to the Stanley Cup-contending aspirations owner Terry Pegula expressed upon purchasing the franchise two years ago. Pegula has been one of Miller’s biggest backers, at one point suggesting he intends to have the goalie finish his career in Buffalo. Miller would like nothing more, and spoke of the loyalty he has for the city and the team. “It has been about my heart being here, and wanting to be here. source:

Sabres GM Regier cautions fans of more ‘suffering’

He had no immediate answer on whether interim coach Ron Rolston will take over the job on a full-time basis next season. Rolston went 15-11-5 in finishing the season after longtime coach Lindy Ruff was fired in February. And Regier said it was too early to tell whether his start-from-scratch plans will include keeping goalie Ryan Miller and leading scorer Thomas Vanek or trade one or both before their contracts expire at the end of next season. ”It’s an unknown right now,” he said. ”We’ll do everything we can to make them a part of this. But we’ll have to see.” The only thing certain is that Regier isn’t going anywhere even though he’s taken the brunt of blame for a team that stumbled to a 21-21-6 finish and missed the playoffs for a second straight year, and fourth time in six seasons. Sabres president Ted Black said the team will honor the contract extension it reached with Regier in January. And Black backed the rebuilding plan Regier began putting into place at the end of last season. Regier is getting yet another shot in a job he’s had since June 1997. ”I don’t take any of this for granted in any way. And I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity,” Regier said. source:

Brazen Buffalo blames CBA for tix boost

The letter to the Sabres’ band of season-subscribers informing them of the price increase was over the name of John Sinclair, VP of Tickets and Services, but it is impossible to believe the owner was not either involved with or informed of the communique, as follows: “Before next season, one necessary change we’ll be making is increasing the average price of our tickets by roughly 4% across all ticket levels and seat locations,” the letter begins. Ah. “A necessary change.” Why? Oh, here it comes: “As part of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement with our players, all teams must produce revenue primarily through ticket sales in order to keep the stability of the league and its franchises strong,” the communication continues. Is Buffalo ownership contending the preceding CBA presented greater opportunities for clubs to generate revenue and this agreement that followed a three-month lockout is restrictive? Is Pegula claiming that because more of the fans’ money goes into his pocket under this agreement as opposed to the preceding one, they should pay more? Is Buffalo ownership suggesting this CBA places the burden on Sabres’ season ticket-holders to keep the league stable? Do Pegula and his executive cabinet believe the club’s fans are so naïve they will buy any of this, even if they continue to buy tickets to watch a team that has failed to make the playoffs in six of the last eight seasons? The owners keep more under this CBA. They locked out the players — and the fans — for three months in order to keep more. source:


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